Tuesday, April 25, 2017

What is Aluminum Extrusion?

The methodology of aluminum extrusion happens to be a simple course of action, however, considering the large application of aluminum in the course of daily life, it is crucial to be aware of this process. As this metal is used across various lines of industries, it finds extensive demand and the extrusion of the aluminum is the first step towards meeting this demand.

Aluminium features several worthy attributes like robust strength, flexibility, lightweight as well as affordable. It will be worthy to say that the process of extruding aluminum is simple and cost-effective. The manufacturing, processing as well as telecom and construction industries hold significant depending on this metal. Thus, efficient extrusion is necessary to meet these demands.

An overview of the process

Extruding aluminum is the methodology of imparting desired shape and size to the crude metal. The process of extruding aluminum starts with the heated cylindrical billet getting pushed through a pre-shaped die. The billet used in the process the cast out from DC cast log that is contained inside a container, heated to the extent of 450 to 500-degree centigrade. Once the metal gets pushed to move through the die, it produces a section that can be transformed into coveted shape and size. This gets done as per the specific needs as the log is meant to be used across various industries. In some cases, the process involves billets, shaped in rectangular forms and these cases; the process can produce only those products that feature wide sectional sizes.

Industries that Adopt the Aluminum Extrusion Process

Aluminum Extrusion, the primary step for aluminum manufacturing, finds application in various industries. For example, the construction industry widely adopts this technique. In these cases, the metal is used for developing prefabricated structures, door frames, windows, as well as several other parts. Also, the telecommunication, as well as transport industry, adopts this process as well. In the transport industry, the process is utilized to manufacture vehicle body, frames as well as other parts of the vehicle. Aluminum finds application in manufacturing airplanes for its robust strength and light-weight.

Flexibility & Use 


The flexibility and versatility of this metal make it the most attractive option for industrial usage. As this metal resists extremely high temperature and resists corrosion, it offers the maximum durability. This makes the metal the right choice for making utensils to the airplane. Another factor that boosts the popularity of the metal is its affordable price. Thus, when you need the best grade products at the most economical rates, you will hardly have a better alternative to this metal.

With the passage of time and the gradual advancement in technology, several new methods of extrusion of aluminum have evolved, and these processes have made the entire process more efficient, accurate and most importantly, cost-effective. Thus, users can expect for economical solutions to meet their needs.

Experts are of the opinion that will further advancement of time, more effective process are likely to come up, and these methodologies will boost the total volume of production, making the end-products more economical for the end users.